The Architects

Meet the architects behind the curtain.

Designer | Architect | Friend | Son | Rebel

As a student of architecture, I have a keen interest in design. As such I have engaged myself in many forms of art. Hailing from the beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, I have had the opportunity to design award winning costumes as well as having my work displayed in a series of art exhibitions. Equally important to the Trinidadian culture is a refined taste for liquor which revolves around Rum and Scotch. This love of architecture, coupled with the love of fine spirits has encouraged me to not only do better and drink better, but be better. Now residing and working in Washington DC, I’m constantly inspired, continuously aspiring, forever rebelling. You only live once. So live life like it. Rebel.

– Peat

Designer | Artist | Critic | Brother | Designer

An admitted lifetime design junkie, most mediums of design pique my interest. Music, Poetry, Cinema, Culinary, Industrial, etc. All of which have been activated or enhanced through my education in architecture. Accompanied by developed tastes in style courtesy of the melting pot that is the DMV and my Ghanaian heritage, is the appreciation of choice liquors (throughout time) such as vodka, then rum, and now whisky/whiskey. From having my own designs recognized and awarded during my adolescence, to now being able to recognize awarded spirits in my adulthood, the two components of design and drink have intertwined into a dynamic duo for me. Everything can be designed, so why not design everything?

– Finn

Designer | Architect | Student | Artist | Friend

My fascination with design and architecture stems from their ability to encourage activity and dialogue among diverse people. It is this belief that has guided me throughout my professional career, ultimately affording me the opportunity to work on various award winning projects and being recognized as one of the Daily Record’s “20 in their Twenties”. Being deeply rooted within the socially energetic Trinidadian culture, I have also had the opportunity to explore various types of Rum and Whisky over the years. With Whisky+Arch, my hope is that a renewed interest in architecture begins and a new relationship is established between people and their built environment. Drink Socially.


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