The Bartender Profile #2




Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Where are you from and when did you get to DC?

I’m Walter Reed born. I’m from PG County in the College Park area. As for bar-tending in DC, I started as a server, then catering, then bar-tending at Smith Commons.

How long have you been bar-tending?

I’ve been at Jack Rose since June 2014, but I’ve really been bar-tending since 14 (laughs).

What is your favorite thing about bar-tending?

The interaction. I get to talk to almost 120 people of all types nightly. It’s great, I get to talk and pour booze.

How did you come to love whisky?

It started when I was at Smith Commons and basically being forced to take shots of Jameson. From then on I went down the line of whisk(e)y exploration.

What is your whisky type of choice?

Scotch over everything!, well for now. After that is bourbon, but I’m a simple guy, just give me whisky, beer and wings.

What is your favorite whisky?

Man, this is a real one. Okay, I have two for different ways of answering. If we are being practical and what I could get for everyday then Springbank 12 Year CS. I love that it’s a little salty, little peaty, with a sherry taste.

Now if we are talking just period and my fantasy to own then, my favorite would be Rare Ayrshire 1975 (37 Year) CS. But if I was on an abandoned island I would have to have both.

What is your favorite spirit in general/other than whisky?

Gin + Tequila

Do you have a signature cocktail, and if so what is it?

I make a great rye Old Fashioned. Like I said I’m a simple man.

Are you available for private events?

Instagram: @thebeavers_uc

Facebook: Andy Bixby

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