Morpholio Journal. The Future of Sketching.

Put down your pencils boys and girls and pick up that stylus, because the future of sketching is now.

In our gloss of Representation + Interpretation, we postulated on what it means to be somewhere, but to a deeper extent, we took a close, albeit biased, look at the virtual world vs the physical world. In some regard, Morpholio is tackling that concept head on and gearing it directly to architects and designers with their latest app, Journal. Journal grants users the ability to sketch anything, at anytime, anywhere.

Similar to a physical, or rather analog, journal, Morpholio’s Journal is built to encompass everything. Unlike other sketch apps, where sketching or writing is the main (and sometimes only) focus, Journal is purpose built to accompany a plethora of media, allowing users to draw directly onto captured or uploaded images, insert maps, collages and even sticky notes.

Javier Galindo via Morpholio
Javier Galindo via Morpholio
Stallan Brand via Morpholio
Stallan Brand via Morpholio
Stallan Brand via Morpholio
Stallan Brand via Morpholio

Additionally, Journal comes equipped with a powerful array of writing tools including pens, pencils and paint, in an assortment of colours.

According to their website, Morpholio Journal is “ideal for designers, architects, photographers, artists, travelers, or members of any creative culture.”

Be sure to check out the App Store to download Journal and start capturing your moments today!

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