Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs and now… Dr. Bill Lumsden?

Scotch drinkers everywhere were probably just as surprised, and yet intrigued, as I was by the notion of one of the most beloved distilleries and whisky brands taking their talents from the barrel rooms to runways. But what would this new must-have item be? Golden Glenmo Gloves? Graphic T-shirt line? Maybe the next hot pair of kicks? Sleep well Yeezy, you’re safe too.


At the #BeyondtheCask event in NYC, Glenmorangie announced a collaboration with Finlay & Co. that would produce, “The world’s first scotch whisky sun glasses,” giving whisky and fashion enthusiast everywhere an opportunity to, quite literally, wear what they drink. The concept is simple: take what gives whisky its style, its charm, its character -in this case Glenmo’s American oak casks -then, add 16 steps of hand crafted prowess from the master craftsman of Finlay. The result is a great pair of signature shades that sustainably celebrates the wood’s timelessness, texture and tones.

Having been lucky enough to get my hands on a pair early on, I took it upon myself to do some painstaking field tests to see how well they would hold up under diverse social conditions like whisky bars, poolside gazebos, cookouts and rooftop happy hours. In every occasion, they were a topic of discussion and making it onto a few friendly faces before the evening was over. And not so surprising from something off the shelves of Finlay and Co, they complimented every face they touched but thankfully found its way back to mine.

With Glenmorangie’s jump into the world of wearables they’ve opened a new dimension in the world of whisky. It essentially highlights the fact that whisky drinking is a lifestyle that extends well beyond what’s in the glass, the grain, and the notes. Those who enjoy whisky enjoy other things; art, music, food, fashion and yes, even Architecture. Something that we here at W+A know oh so well. Check out our full unboxing of a special package we received below.


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