via The Bourbon Scout

Type: Bourbon

Distillery: Jim Beam

Region: Kentucky, USA

Age: 6-8 years

ABV: 60.5 – 65.3%

Average Price: $65-90

Peat’s Thoughts: There is no question about it: Booker’s is hands down my favourite bourbon. Coming out of the Jim Beam distillery, this gorgeous barrel proof whiskey is the epitome of flavour, power and most importantly, balance. What makes Booker’s so special though is the subtle differences in each batch. You see, Booker’s is a small batch whiskey from a mighty power house. That means that every batch will always taste slightly different, but always be pleasingly familiar. Now I’ve had quite a few of these batches. Everything from “Big Man, Small Batch” to “Noe Secret”. Each of these batches presents itself in a gorgeous amber with robust smells of vanilla, cinnamon and wood. On first sip, there is an immense heat which, admittedly, almost overpowers the flavours until I let it swirl around in my mouth for a bit, chewing on the whiskey. It’s there I pick up on the sweetness and almost leathery feel. And that finish? Good Lord… It’s long. Everlasting almost. Many a nights at Smoke & Barrel I have ended with this, because having anything after it is doing that other whiskey a disservice. All in all, I can’t recommend this enough.


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