Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Single Barrel


Type: Bourbon

Distillery: Woodford

Region: Kentucky, USA

Age: NAS

ABV: 45.2%

Average Price: $60

Peat’s Thoughts: I’m not even gonna get into my love for Woodford, because I’ve long praised it, both on here and social media. So I won’t bore you with any soliloquy but rather dive right into this. I fckin love this dram. It’s fkn fantastic. It probably one of the best smelling whiskeys I’ve tried. So let’s get into the process. Matured in two separate, charred oak barrels, the second barrel (thus double oaked) is deeply toasted giving it even more sweet oaky character. There is a punch of vanilla and caramel that gives rise to intense fruity sweetness once it hits the palate. And that finish? Jesus… more vanilla on the backend with a truly creamy texture as it coats your mouth making its way down. It’s extremely well balanced. I think I pick up on a hint of smoke, but more like I’m smelling whiffs from someone who is puffing on a Cuban cigar in an adjoining room. Nothing pungent, but more like a trace. If the standard Woodford Reserve was my introduction to proper bourbon, this offering is what seals the deal.

Neat’s Thoughts: Well, well, well…This is hands down one of my go to whiskeys when I want to enjoy something neat that is tasteful and straight forward. When I first transitioned into whiskey drinking full time, this was one that helped my pallet open up to what whiskey offers. Definitely recommend it for the casual or first time whiskey enthusiast out there.

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