Architects make Art. Synth Series by TOKI

Toki is a design collective of two recent Howard University graduates (shout out to our alma mater!). The pair consists of Toluwalase Rufai (@tolu_r) and Khai Grubbs (@khaitect).Set in an abandoned building near Rhode Island Metro, this is the second installment in their ongoing Synth Series.

We would be lying if we said this isn’t impressive. The sheer amount of string within this installation is overwhelming, but even more so is the composition, use of colours and of course, the attention to detail. If you’re in the DC area, be sure to visit.

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From the architects:

We are Toki- a group compiled of two recent architecture graduates Tolu & Khai. Through our work, we strive to temporarily alter the perception of public space through establishing rhythm, movement, transparency, and ephemerality. We aim to create spaces that are engaging, occupiable, shifting, and allows the viewer to create their own experience. We plan to continue adding to the series at different venues throughout the DMV area so look out for us as we evolve.

When asked directly about their latest installation, Tolu had this to say:

The project is geared towards temporarily altering the perception of public space. It is the second of an ongoing series called the SYNTH SERIES. These installations are 3dimensional impressions of the sound the synthesizer makes and each string color represents a different sound or note in a musical composition piece. Music is a powerful force that uplifts and brings people together and we are trying to represent that through our work under the alias of TOKI.

toki1 toki5 toki4 toki3 toki2

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