Yesterday, Laphroaig sort of won when it came to not only marketing, but making their friends (because if you drink Laphroaig you are more than just a costumer) feel included. How did they do this? Through the power of social media of course!

To celebrate 200 years, the stalwart of Islay whisky has this to say:

“There’s a saying that goes ‘Flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies’, but when it comes to Laphroaig, we’re just as open to your truths as we are flattery. Tell us we taste ‘like the residue of a chimney sweeps broom’ or a ‘big peaty slap in the face’. Hit us hard, we can take it. All opinions are welcome, and this year we want to reward you for it!”

And they meant it. Yesterday, they welcomed any and every comment from people who have sampled the peaty monster, and, if chosen, projected it on the side of their distillery. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to partake. I mean, my name IS Peat after all. And well, it should be obvious by now that I was successful.

Yup! That’s my quote right there on their wall. Needless to say, my heart was a flutter with the joy of a thousand butterflies. If you can’t read what’s on the video, the actual quote is as follows:


– Peat

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