Back At It Again, For The Very Third Time.

Let’s start with the obvious: we’ve been missing in action. For that, our sincerest apologies. But enough dwelling on the past, we’re back! And in full effect! New website, new content, new projects and of course, new whisk(e)y! So excuse us while we cue the celebration.

Clearly we’re excited.


A lot has transpired since you last heard from us, but as always, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Neat is still covering New York, Finn still has Chicago on lock, and as for me, Peat? Well I’m still musing around in Washington D.C. However, we have all made some major strides both professionally and personally, thus our mini hiatus. Have no fear though, we’re still as invested in Whisky + Architecture as we were the day we first conceived the idea. Perhaps even more so. Which is why we made sure to not rush this relaunch in spite of our excitement.

So what can you expect from us in the near future?

Well I’m glad you asked! Everything from reviews of classics and new releases, to features on world renowned architects and up and comers. We’ll be remiss if we didn’t mention we have lots of events planned for the coming months, as well as some charity projects we’re working on. We’ve built relationships with some new partners to bring you guys the very best, while maintaining the casual, inclusiveness that Whisky + Architecture has become known for. Basically, this is a very exciting moment!

We’re hoping you stick around, spread the word and continue to grow with us as we explore the fascinating worlds of whisky and architecture.

Stay tuned!

– W+A

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