Redemption Rye Barrel Proof 6 Year


Type: Rye

Distillery: MGP

Region: Kentucky, USA

Age: 6 years

ABV: 60.65%

Average Price: $80

Peat’s Thoughts: Sweet baby Jesus! I smelled this and I do believe I scorched off some nose hairs. Again, not a huge Rye fan. I tend to only venture forth if a bartender I trust recommends it. This beast, with a whopping 60.65% abv has intense spice. Spice and a whole lot of fire. Tank on E? Well this here is gasoline. So I added water and voila! Now it’s premium gasoline. And this is coming from a guy who loves Islay. But where the Laphroaigs and Ardbegs are filled with smokey goodness, this here is… well…gasoline. Probably won’t be ordering again, but at least I’ve lived.


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