Johnnie Walker Black Label

Via Johnnie Walker

Type: Blended

Distillery: Various

Region: Other, Scotland

Age: 12

ABV: 40%

Average Price: $35

Peat’s Thoughts: There’s something to be said when you’re the best selling scotch whisky in the world. Johnnie Walker, which comes from the Diageo conglomerate, has long been a staple in homes around the world. And I should know, I’m from the Caribbean. To many West Indians (another name for us Caribbean folk), Johnnie Walker is synonymous with scotch. None more so than perhaps the most well known of all the labels in the Johnnie Walker range, Black Label. Crafted from some 30 odd whiskies, most of which I assume to be from the Islay region, as far as I’m concerned, Black Label can be the perfect opener to any night. You get that hint of smoke on the nose and palate, with a richness soon as it hits your tongue. Then a strange thing happens and you get that ever so slight taste of citrus on the finish. Want to add a chaser? Do like we do in the warm islands and add coconut water (not that boxed nonsense, I’m talking fresh coconut water). What you will then have is a lovely cocktail that is both refreshing and deliciously intoxicating! And that happens with every bottle of  Black Label you pick up. This isn’t that unexpected dram you stumbled across in that boutique liquor store, nor is it that unique batch you get from smaller craft distilleries. No, this is what you call consistency. And sometimes, that’s a very good thing.

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