WhiskyArch Relaunch!

What’s Next for WhiskyArch? New Direction. Same Goal.

We’ve all been down this road before, haven’t we? Things become a bit hectic in our personal lives and our priorities shuffle around, leaving us to figure out what is truly important to us. With WhiskyArch, we took some time to reflect on what brought us to create the brand you have come to know and respect, and what we want to do with it going forward. This is how we ended up here: on the break of a relaunch. But before you drift off, understand that this is different.

Over the last two years we have developed an identity and brand that we believe in; one that is consistent with our professional careers and love of whisky. Yet, as with anything that evolves, we recognize the time is now for us to re-evaluate our current strategy and take steps toward refining our identity as we recognize there may be opportunities worth taking advantage of. We learned as we grew, and though we have been focused on sharing our journey of learning and trying new whiskies through an architect’s eye, we’ve been neglecting a major part of our experience that differentiates us: each of our respective cultures.

In our personal and professional circles – that include architects, MBAs, doctors, lawyers, and creatives – we have become the go-to guys for whisky knowledge. We love talking about whisky, and we take every opportunity to do so. However, more often than not, when the average consumer thinks about whisky, chances are the image is that of Ron Burgundy or Don Draper. This idea of the “traditional” whisky drinker is still very prevalent in the media even though, as you are fully aware, the demographics enjoying whisky are younger, cooler, and much more diverse.

This brings us full circle to why we’re relaunching. Our social media is going to look a bit different. Though our focus is still going to remain whisky and architecture, we’ll be showcasing a lot more art, fashion, lifestyle and culture. We’re still going to be giving our perspectives. Our voice isn’t going to change. It’s just going to be a little less filtered; a little more niche; a lot more inclusive.

We hope you continue to engage with us as we highlight a more diverse and engaged audience who enjoy quality whisky and produce amazing art.




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