The Discovery of Lost Spirits

I don’t want to be that “I told you so guy” but…

I told you it was great!

Now, I am elated to see that more of the #whiskyfabric feels the way I have for a while now. I’ve said a lot about Lost Spirits – and my friends over there – in the past, so all I will leave you with is a much deserved – and earned – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right! Congratulations to Lost Spirits Distillery’s Abomination for the prestigious honor of “Liquid Gold” in the famed Whisky Bible!

So there should be no more excuses for you not discovering this great distillery that is innovating and changing our entire concept of making magnificent whiskey.

Bravo Bryan and Joanne, Bravo!

Here’s more from the press release:

Jim Murray’s famous 2018 Whisky Bible has awarded 94 points and its coveted Liquid Gold designation to Lost Spirits Abomination, a peated malt “aged” in just 6 days utilizing Lost Spirits’ revolutionary patented technology.

The Whisky Bible contains over 4,600 ratings of the world’s top whiskies, and Liquid Gold is only awarded to those scoring at least 94 points — representing the top 5% of all whiskies cataloged in the “bible.” Lost Spirits has made history by becoming the first spirits-maker to reach the pinnacle of whisky making by “hacking” the chemistry of barrel aging.

Lost Spirits entered two peated malts into the judging: Abomination – Crying of the Puma and Abomination – Sayers of the Law. Both started as Scottish malts so young they cannot yet legally be labeled whisky.  The spirits were then finished in California over 6 days utilizing Lost Spirits’ revolutionary patented technology.  The Crying of the Puma expression nearly also achieved the Liquid Gold designation, scoring 93 points.  No additives or flavorings of any kind were utilized from start to finish.

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