6 DC Bartenders Share Their Quintessential Whisky Cocktail.

There’s been this rumour floating around the internet – and by “the internet” I mean life in general – that “serious whisk(e)y drinkers” have their spirit one way, and one way only: neat. Hell, on two separate occasions I’ve written about drinking whisky without any additives, be it water or chaser. Yet, I’ll be lying … More 6 DC Bartenders Share Their Quintessential Whisky Cocktail.

Glenmorangie Signet

Type: Scotch Distillery: Glenmorangie Region: Highland, Scotland Age: NAS ABV: 46% Average Price: $150 Neat’s Thoughts: The Signet, as its bottle design might not so slightly suggest, is a little more on the dark side. The taste of mocha and charred oak dominate throughout but once your taste buds become cordial to the idea, a rich sweetness tends to take … More Glenmorangie Signet

What’s A Whisky?

What better way to get started than by first explaining what the hell a whisky (no that’s not a misspelling) is. Hopefully this will give you a good base for beginning your own exploration into what you will see is a large and vast world of whisky. If not, at the very least you will … More What’s A Whisky?