Whisk(e)y Drinkers! Assemble!!

W+A had The Peated Malt Old Ballantruan Speyside Glenlivet, Single Malt Society 66.47 Campfire Character 11 Year, Glenmorangie Finealta and Single Cask Nation Kilcohman 4 Year Cask Strength.

Bar: Jack Rose Dining Saloon, Adams Morgan Washington DC

Bartender: Brittney + Andy

Advisor: Roberto

Last night was very exciting and simultaneously a bit saddening. You see, when Finn and I started this whole thing, we had no idea where it was going. We knew we wanted to make our mark in the DC local whisky community, but we were just two blokes who were now getting our hands (palates? That sounds a bit filthy) dirty. So when we started gaining traction, interacting with other fans of scotch through social media, we felt it was inevitable that we will meet these fine ladies and gents one day. Last night was such a night. And Finn was in Chicago. That’s right folks, last night Whisky + Architecture met up with ScotchnSniff and The Whisk(e)y Library (a pair of guys each) for a night of fine tasting at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adam’s Morgan, Washington DC. And it was great. It was fascinating meeting these guys whose pictures and collection we see on almost a daily basis through Instagram. Now there we were, sitting together (standing sometimes) swapping stories and sharing the excitement as new bottles were presented to us that we have not tried. It was a great moment in time for us, well, me, as I was able to learn from them as well as hopefully pass on some of my limited knowledge. I ended the night with a 4 Year Kilchoman that Roberto, resident Scotch Whisky Advisor at Jack Rose recommended. That thing was a monster! Scotch and Sniff (yea, cool ass names, I know) both said they could smell the peat on my breath from a distance. Even with some water, the smoke refused to be tamed. Roberto did well, for as my moniker suggests, I love peaty malts. So as far as I’m concerned, great time indeed.

– Peat

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