Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs and now… Dr. Bill Lumsden? Scotch drinkers everywhere were probably just as surprised, and yet intrigued, as I was by the notion of one of the most beloved distilleries and whisky brands taking their talents from the barrel rooms to runways. But what would this new must-have item … More #BeyondtheCask

What you should be drinking right now: Octomore 7.4

When we here at Whisky + Architecture first came up with the idea of adopting pseudonyms, it was Finn himself who bestowed upon us our respective names. To say that he expertly captured our differing tastes and preferences is somewhat of an understatement. He’s a huge fan of sherry finished whiskies; you’ll be hard pressed … More What you should be drinking right now: Octomore 7.4

Thank You Zaha

It’s been about 2 months. The news isn’t by any means new. But the impact is no less diminished. The passing of Dame Zaha Hadid rocked the architectural community and to a larger extent, the design world as a whole. To recap the details of her passing would be overtly redundant since every major news … More Thank You Zaha

Long Live The King

I love Disney movies. Well, their animated movies at least. And with good reason; they’re classics! From Aladdin to Toy Story 3, Walt Disney Pictures has had a lot of success over the years. And I mean a lot. Yet, for the all their success, all the movies under their belt, there is one movie that … More Long Live The King