4 Tips for Traveling with Whisky.

I love whisky.

I love drinking whisky. I love drinking whisky everywhere. But since personal-portable-bars have not been invented yet, I sometimes need to find alternative ways to transport my whisky. Whether I’m going on a cross-country trip or I’m crossing the Pacific Ocean, one thing is for certain, whisky is on the menu. To make it easier to enjoy the golden liquid on-the-go, I’ve compiled some tips that, while pretty obvious, I think are still worth mentioning.

Get a flask.

Via X Flasks

The most obvious way to have whisky on-the-go is to get yourself a flask. These things can fit in your back pocket, hang from your belt loops, hide in your purse. Hell, you can head over to Aunt Funky’s Closet and your flask can even be your purse. The flask is also an amazing way to show your personality. I have about 4 flasks, of different sizes and styles, because variety is the spice of life. You too can spice up your life with beautiful products from X Flasks, Swig Flasks or The Vintage Gentleman. But know, there are some guidelines to using a flask. A flask is meant to be a fun, but discreet way to enjoy your whisky. You got to play it cool but confident. As such, sipping from your flask while backpacking on vacation? Kosher. Having a flask in your suit jacket while at work on a random Wednesday? Not so much.

Pack some nips.

Via The Saleroom

When hopping on a flight, you need to understand TSA’s regulations. You can carry whisky with you in your carry-on luggage, it simply needs to be in a travel-sized container of 3-ounces or less. Many liquor stores sell these travel-sized bottles, or nips, for the very purpose of enjoying whisky while you fly. These will be perfect when paired with W&P Design’s Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit. Note, I’m not advocating for walking with 37 nips in your backpack or purse but having a couple of these in your bag will make that middle seat immensely more tolerable.

Secure your bottles.

Via Instructables

Whether checking your bag in on a flight or packing a suitcase for a car ride, you bottles need to be secured properly. A good travelling tip is to constantly have bubble wrap, plastic bags, packing tape, and resealable freezer bags in your suitcase front pocket. They take up little to no space and weigh just about nothing. As another layer of protection, wrapping bottles in clothes (sweaters, jeans, towels, whatever) is a good way to buffer the bottles.

Sharing is caring.

Via Martell

During your excursions, you’re probably only going to have one or two bottles on deck. Cause again, you can’t walk with an entire bar in your knapsack. Thus, it’s important to walk with a dram that you trust. A dram that you believe in. A dram that you love. A dram that you know is not going to let you down during your trip, no matter the occasion. A dram, you are confident enough in to, yes, share. Because at the end of the day, enjoying whisky should be a social experience; even more so when travelling. You will meet new people, see new sights and experience new things. Whatever dram you have on you, whether it’s in a flask, a nip or a bottle, let it be one that cements new memories that you can reminisce about years to come.

And that’s it! Four simple tips for travelling with whisky! Now go out there and drink responsibly!



3 thoughts on “4 Tips for Traveling with Whisky.

  1. A few refinements to Peat’s comments about flying with Whisky. I’m not a lawyer nor an airline employee, but I’ve flown about 800k miles in the last 20 years, nearly always with my Whisky on board.

    You can pack full bottles in your checked baggage, just be sure you have adequately cushioned them for jostling.
    See: https://www.tsa.gov/blog/2014/01/07/tsa-travel-tips-tuesday-traveling-alcoholic-beverages

    Now, if you are packing a $300 bottle of rare malt, don’t be too surprised if you find it missing on arrival. Not recommended!

    You MAY NOT drink your alcohol on the plane. Why? For the same reason you may not drink your own alcohol in a bar: FAA regs don’t allow you to BYO. I’m not saying I’ve not seen it done, but it’s illegal and against airline policy — your alcohol is subject to confiscation and you might be met by a law enforcement officer upon arrival.

    Anything you buy inside security you can bring on the plane (subject to carry-on bag limitations). However, anything you bring thru security has to be in a 100ml or smaller bottle and all of those bottles have to fit in your 1 quart bag.

    Also, note the bottle-size. I have argued this with a TAS minion more than once before, even to the point of insisting he fetch a three-stripe supervisor. The bottle does NOT have to be 3oz, the regulation is 100ml. Nor does the bottle need to have a label or molded impression showing the bottle capacity. 100ml is 3.3814oz. What’s the difference you say? Since about 1oz of shampoo will get me thru a week, I carry 4x100ml of Whisky in my quart bag. So that extra 4×0.3814oz represents an extra full shot of Whisky!

    You can buy 100ml bottles at at drug and sundries stores, usually next to the travel size goods. But check the labels carefully: many of them are actually 3.0oz.

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    1. Excellent! Definitely, appreciate the comment!

      Yes, purchasing whisky once pass security allows you to pack the entire bottle, and while I too have seen people sneakily crack open their full bottle while on board, it isn’t allowed. In fact, one time I witnessed a flight-attendant reprimand two passengers for drinking from their bottle, telling them to either close and store it away, or they will incur a fee. So no, definitely not recommended.

      That’s some solid advice with the 100ml bottle though, definitely one to take heed!

      Cheers and thanks again for visiting!


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