7 Whiskey Facts and Fiction

Whisky has been our dearest drink since ages. It is always our companion in times of need whether you are happy or sad. It simply rejuvenates your mood in every condition. You can never ignore the aroma, magic and taste the whiskey that it comes up with. You may know a lot about whiskey, but we have rounded up 7 few interesting facts that you may have never heard of.

1. Whiskey starts off just like beer:

Whiskey is manufactured using ‘wort’ which is actually ‘distilled’ bear. Wort has all the
ingredients that the beer consists of like yeast, water and malts. This process is undertaken to prevent any unnecessary pests or infections.

2. It has health benefits:

While many of the people may not believe this but drinking a moderate amount of whiskey has some great health benefits. It reduces the chances of cancer, various heart diseases and makes you less prone to suffer any strokes. Other than these, drinking a glass of whiskey daily can help in minimising the risk of dementia. It also helps in weight loss, controlling diabetes and also boosting up the immune system of the body. It also helps to minimise the stress levels in the body.

3. Whiskey starts its life at the age of 40:

Whiskey, especially scotch whiskey should have a minimal strength of about 40% ABV. So, we can see that it actually starts living when it is 40 in age. It may go up to even 60% ABV in case of some of the whiskeys. If you can’t drink a very strong whiskey, you should always check its label before buying or drinking one.

4. Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch is the most popular scotch in the world:

This scotch whiskey is named after a person who was a young farmer. Johnnie Walker is
extremely popular all across the globe and has some interesting facts linked with it. It is a very smooth whiskey and is perfect to drink over some great conversations or when you’re thinking deeply. It was initially created to blend the drink with soda.

5. Whiskey could be banned:

You may not have been able to drink your beloved drink- whiskey, if it did not have various medicinal benefits associated with it. Doctors recommended drinking whiskey to patients and a law also supported it. If at all you wanted to have a couple of drinks, all you had to do was act sick and there you go. Grab your bottle!

6. Scotch whisky requires minimum 3 years to age:

A Scottish whiskey can’t be named scotch until it is allowed to age for a minimum of 3 years. You can find whiskeys which have aged for a period of about 70 years in many distillers. They have an attraction of their own.

7. Whiskey is a great investment:

The magical taste of whiskey doesn’t decrease but rather increases with time. It can stay same for about 100 years or even more. Whiskey gets appreciated in terms of money too with time. All you have to do is to invest in some good quality whiskeys and keep them for long. We’re sure its value will increase enormously.

Now that you know these amazing facts about whiskey, keep raising your fave drink in style!

Author Bio:
Hazel is a certified whiskey and wine geek and is associated with https://remedyliquor.com. She inherited the passion for whiskey and wine from her family. She loves blogging, writing, reading, learning, and teaching, about whiskey and wine. She has been in the whiskey world for about 3 years and tries to share her knowledge about wine and whiskey in a way to encourage and inspire new drinkers. For more from Hazel, start checking another article of hers here

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